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Aquinas Catholic Schools Foundation
Founder's Day Past Award Recipients

Aquinas crestSaint Francis Staff Award:
This award is presented to an Aquinas Catholic Schools staff member of long standing or who made a significant impact on the students of Aquinas. This person is not a current staff member and has been off staff for at least one to two years.
Past Recipients:
1999 Fr. Robert Altmann, Sr. Althea Meierotto, Sr. Lucille Kleinheinz, Lee Gilbert
2000 Fr. Charles A. Blecha
2001 Phil Hahn
2002 Kathleen Forslund, Sr. Celine Schumacher
2003 Jack Nockels
2004 Sr. Celestine Cepress, John Michuta
2005 Sr. Geneva Kneer
2006 Sr. Judine Kranc
2007 Sr. Margaret Mary Conway, Margaret Grelle
2008 David Reinders
2009 Mary Kroner
2010 Therese Dobson
2011 David English
2012 Charles Schmidt
2013 Mike Desmond
2014 Margaret Dineen
2015 Not awarded 
2016 James Vail

Aquinas crestBishop John Paul Distinguished Alumni Award:
This award is presented to a graduate of Aquinas who actively practices the Catholic faith, and has distinguished themselves in their community, made significant achievement in their chosen field, and demonstrated support for Aquinas Catholic Schools.
Past Recipients:
1991 Phil Quillin
1992 Frank Uhler, Jr.
1993 Steve & Marian Pavela
1994 Mary Blaschke, Paul Noelke
1995 Robert & Anita Funke, Robert & Marie Daley
1996 Roger Ferris, Ed & Sally Sullivan
1997 Sr. Mary Ann Gschwind, Robert Skemp
1998 Robert Kreutz, John Bissen
1999 Fr. Bernard McGarty, Sr. Rita Rathburn
2000 Paul Poehling
2001 Bishop John Paul, Anita Froegel
2002 Fr. Robert J. Cook
2003 John Kerrigan, Robert Gilbert
2004 John & Barb Marie Leinfelder
2005 Don Gallagher
2006 Dr. Steve Pavela
2007 Michael Weissenberger
2008 James Maney
2009 Paul Schams
2010 Fr. Steven Kachel & Ernest Tremmel
2011 Not awarded
2012 Not awarded
2013 Pat Gantert
​2014 Steve Doll, '75
2015 Not awarded
2016 Bob Halaska, '58
Aquinas crestSaint Thomas Aquinas Award:
This award is given to a person who has made a significant contribution of time, talent and/or treasure in assisting the students of the Aquinas Schools. The recipient will have demonstrated a concern for the education process by volunteering to help activities such as the auction, Aquinas Fest, the Parents Club, Booster Club, Music Parents club and assisting in development fundraisers. This person may have made a significant contribution to the extracurricular programs of Aquinas both as a student and/or in their adult life.
Past Recipients:
1999 Ralph & Joyce Clason
2000 Richard J. Campbell
2001 Marjorie Reinhart
2002 George E. Smith
2003 John & Donna Hansen Family
2004 William Kerrigan
2005 Dr. Art Barbier
2006 Larry Lee
2007 Ken Morrison
2008 Henry Funk
2009 Joe Poehling
2010 Dr. George & Margaret Ellenz
2011 Bruce Simones
2012 James Kiffe
2013 Bob & Cindy Klar
​2014 Jim & Kathy McGettigan
2015 Not awarded
2016 Mike ('80) & Denise Kachel